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Sapira Luxury Mattresses
While the one-kind-fits-all mattress isn't a new concept, getting it right is no easy task. Cool Hunting team members have tested several different versions and have, of course, found them to be of varying comfort and quality, but one certainly...
Holiday Gift Guides 2016: Made in America
In the hullabaloo of the holiday season, finding loved ones the perfect gift can sadly end up at the bottom of your to-do list. Picking up a present from a big box retailer seems like an easy solution, but instead of heading to the mall, try looking...
Fortifying Face Balm
Made among the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ursa Major skincare launched in late 2010 to provide a healthy and effective alternative to chemical-laden products. By favoring organic over synthetic, Ursa Major promotes a "super natural" regimen of face...
Prime Rib Treats
Wheat-, gluten-, and soy-free, these Prime Rib Biscuits are for fussy pooches with health-conscious parents. Crafted with beef sourced in the USA, these treats also include olive oil, parsley, garlic and an oat flour batter—which all sound good enough...
"How Dare You Assume I'm Straight" Tank
Straight (or perhaps, directly) to the point, this unisex top is a collaboration between Otherwild and Herstory and is inspired by a tank worn by a participant in Gay Pride Day, NYC back in 1982. The rest of the collection includes a sweet Gay Power...
Shinola's Jewelry and Watches for Women
Although women have been buying and wearing Shinola's watches for years, not long ago, head designer Daniel Caudill and the Shinola team decided it was time to create thoughtfully designed, high-quality accessories especially for women. “We noticed...
Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy
Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary with this "skin pruning" tub caddy, made of wood sourced from an old hardware store in Lancaster County, PA.
Pioneer Folding Toaster
While your cast iron skillet can cook just about everything when camping, it won't be much help in toasting the bread for your breakfast sandwich. This is where the 200-year-old pioneer folding toaster comes in. Packable and light, the old-school tool...
Prize Pins 99¢ and Up
From hand-painted bodega signs to shady magazine shops and 99¢ stores, NYC's endless streets are home to a unique number of visual inspirations. Prize Pins takes note, and offers a subtle way to add to your own personal sense of style with a range...
Filson Introduces The Black Collection
When in doubt, black is always a solid choice when deciding on a luggage color—it does well with scuffs and stains and will always match your travel outfit. Seeing the value in a subdued ensemble, Seattle's Filson today introduces The Black Collection...
ICFF 2014 Preview: Rich Brilliant Willing
Continuing to impress with innovative forms and creative uses of materials, Rich Brilliant Willing is again introducing new products this year at ICFF during NYCxDesign. In the time since we last caught up with the trio of Brooklyn-based designers...
Iron & Resin + Vanson Leathers Mojave Jacket
As spring finally graces the Northern Hemisphere with its presence, activity season is on. With the arrival of the new Iron & Resin collaboration with Vanson Leathers, this season means it's time to bring your bike out of storage. The three-season...
Topo Designs Tote Bag
From their ripstop cargos to sturdy sling bags and travel packs, Topo Designs has had our attention for some time now. Each product drop delivers a sensible design, done in the brand's typical outdoorsy style—and that is reflected again in the new...
Young Hearted Apparel
Even with the influx of new men's basics brands in recent years, there still seems to be a gap in the market for fledging adults not quite ready to settle into life in solid stripes or basic patterns. In an effort to deliver a wealth of creative...
Leather Extension Cord
The hand-braided cotton extension cord from Sea Cliff, NY-based Allied Maker is one to show off rather than hide. With a subtle, vegetable-tanned leather wrap detail topping off the 100% cotton herringbone woven thread, this handsome cord adds an elegant...
Crew Sock
If you haven't yet realized the importance of a solid pair of socks, get out of that cave and onto the bandwagon. While minor in size, the right socks can improve almost any outfit and make a cold day more manageable. As the sister company of Tanner...
D'emploi Roll-Top Backpack
When companies sell on the "handmade" platform, few customers imagine the mindless assembly line that is quite often the reality. However, Brooklyn's one-man workshop d'emploi is the real deal. Designer and craftsman Kyle Mosholder makes each piece...
Shinola Runwell Di2
In less than two years, Detroit-based consumer goods manufacturer Shinola has raised the bar in quality and innovation for American-made goods. While the Detroit-based company's watches and retail spaces continue to impress, their bicycle program...
Down the street from Traffic Jam & Snug and just a block away from Avalon International Breads in midtown Detroit is the Shinola store, which opened in June 2013. Originally known for shoe polish, the century-old brand is now a purveyor of watches...
Alite Designs' Bike to the Beach Bag
Designed to make the transition from weekday workhorse to beach-going carry-all, Alite Designs' aptly named Bike to the Beach Bag can be worn as either a backpack or carried as a heavy duty tote. Building off the original design—created in collaboration...
Original White Beard & Shave Soap
Handmade in New York, this multi-purpose soap doubles as a shaving cream and whisker shampoo. The soap blends nicely into the morning routine with a fresh scented cedar and juniper lather that any man will enjoy.
Slim Brief
A sibling-run leather goods company, Libero Fererro's line of classic bags and cases are all made in America and designed to last through generations of use. Their beautiful, understated slim briefcase boasts black or hickory vegetable-tanned Horween...
MatterMade + Roman and Williams
While many brands looking for a new audience during NYC Design Week take the traditional route of exhibiting at one of the many group showcases, contemporary design store and manufacturer Matter chose to do both—showing their newly cataloged in...
Fangblade by Stephan Alexandr
Continuing his curious exploration of alternative uses for animal bones, Portland's Stephan Alexandr recently released his latest artistic creation—the Fangblade. Carved from alligator jawbones, the handy letter-openers still sport vestigial teeth...
Bucket's Portland Press
Sometimes Portland is just so "Portland"—and we love them for it. The small-batch-everything mentality has given birth to an endless supply of start-ups with interests varying from leather goods to ice cream. The most recent to catch our attention...
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