All Natural

Natural, Multipurpose Body Products from Meant
No average shower or bathtub—especially for city-dwellers—can host the vast number of body and hair products we're being told to use on a daily basis. Cleansers, scrubs, peels, shampoos, conditioners and creams are expanding and changing, some...
Anya's Real Fruit Licorice
On one of our last excursions of 2016 to Brooklyn's food market Smorgasburg we fell in love with a classic candy reimagined. Anya's Licorice embodies many of the attributes we've all come to seek in foods: all-natural and made by hand in small...
Savage Jerky Co's Beef and Bacon Offerings
This isn't the same jerky one will find in row upon row at a gas station while mid-road trip. It's substantially better. In fact, Savage Jerky was created—with the help of three Kickstarter campaigns since 2014—after its founders Brad, Michelle...
Plant-Based Goldfaden MD Skincare
In the incredibly crowded skincare market, ingredients, formulation, packaging and brand story all carry significant weight when settling on a specific product. I've been using the Goldfaden MD line for over a month now and it hits top marks for...
Addition Cocktail Spices
With 25 different savory and spicy flavors, the range of Addition Cocktail Spices opens a new door in the world of mixed drinks. These potent liquids, clocking in at 45% ABV, contain just three ingredients: water, alcohol and the source spice. All...
The Splendid Spoon at Fashion Week
While the presentations last week at Lincoln Center stimulated many senses, they didn't tackle taste buds. However, Brooklyn's The Splendid Spoon did—by way of an on-demand courier service delivering soups straight to attendees who ordered via tweet...
UnTapped: Maple Syrup for Athletes
Anyone who has run a marathon, headed into the backcountry or saddled up for a 100-mile day on the bike knows there are some pretty suspect-tasting nutritional options out there. While getting the vitamins and nutrients one needs to maintain performance...
Malle W. Trousseau's Oyster Kit
Anyone who's played the role of an oyster shucker can understand the difficulties these little saltwater delicacies can inflict on even the most burly of hands. This holiday season, Malle W. Trousseau is set to release a must-have for any oyster...
Chimpanzee Bars
In the world of energy bars, the use of all-natural ingredients has become commonplace. While it's a largely positive shift for a host of reasons, the use of those ingredients doesn't necessarily result in a healthy product and can umbrella some...