Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Aaron Draplin's Logo Tutorial Aaron Draplin—owner of Draplin Design Co and creative mind behind the popular Field Notes memo books—documents his design process in a tutorial showing just how much calculation goes into creating the simplest of...
Passport to the World
Since 1962 luxury travel experience company Abercrombie & Kent has led adventure-prone individuals on expeditions, safaris and cruises around the world. And for their latest trip, A&K has teamed up with Flexjet for a trip around the world, literally...
Max Hazan's 1996 Royal Enfield Bullet 500
With a background in building airplanes, boats and even custom furniture, Max Hazan has an endless list of references to pull inspiration and ideas from. Through this varied experience Hazan has found motorcycles to be his be all and end all in...
Balsa Flyer
A delightful toy plane with a 29-inch wingspan handmade from balsa wood by Brooklyn-based design duo Fredericks & Mae for ABC Carpet & Home.
The airline industry has achieved a new level of universal hatred in recent years, and it has little do with TSA restrictions. Surprise fees, security management akin to cattle herding and consistently poor customer service turns what should be...
Interview: Solar Impulse
Just after midnight on 4 May 2013, a plane eased into Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport after completing a journey from Moffet Airfield near San Jose, CA. With the wingspan of an Airbus A340, it nevertheless landed as delicately as a single...
We fly far and often, and because of this we've become quite particular in our ways, spending a lot of time sorting out which airlines, planes, routes, seats and amenities are going to provide the best case scenario for painless travel. Promising...
Interview: Victor Muller on the Spyker B6 Venator
By Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten "For the tenacious, no road is impossible." So goes the Spyker motto, a saying that has taken on new meaning with this week's unveiling of the Spyker B6 Venator at the 2013 Genenva International Motor Show. Designed...
Whether you're a million-miler or a once-a-year traveler, you'll likely agree that commercial air travel has become a hassle. For those few that can afford it, owning your own plane could be considered the epitome of luxury. That option becomes available...
Boeing Flight Simulators
Always wanted to fly a jumbo jet? British Airways can put you in an actual cockpit with one of their flight simulators. Usually reserved for professional training, British Airways is offering this exciting peak into the life of a pilot.
Nextant 400XT
Private jets epitomize luxury for being convenient and, most importantly, supremely expensive. But Nextant Aerospace in Cleveland, Ohio has cut the cost of a small jet in half with the Nextant 400XT. Instead of starting from scratch, the company...
The Kids are in Flight
Parents flying with children of any age face the sometimes harrowing dilemma of keeping everyone happy. Best-case scenario, kids spend the entire time quietly occupied by in-flight entertainment, games or books—or even take a nap. At mealtime...
Five Senses on a Plane
When it comes down to it, says British Airways Height Cuisine chef Heston Blumenthal, "Eating is the only thing we do that engages all five senses." Certainly air travel provides a challenging forum for a sensory experience, but Blumenthal and his...
Eggs on a Plane
On the ground or in the air, properly cooked eggs present a challenge to be mastered. Helen Davey worked for many years as a Pan Am stewardess, and her account of a harrowing experience making fresh scrambled eggs for an entire plane yielded impressive...
The Science of Taste Buds
Airline food has suffered for years as the butt of the joke, commonly characterized as bland and passable at best. There's a scientific explanation for why sky-high meals feel so lacking, however,and illuminates the special challenge airlines...
Hydration Education
Ask any frequent flier for their tips on how to land at your destination feeling refreshed, and proper hydration will surely rank at the top of the list. Because the level of humidity in most airplane cabins can dip as much as 55% lower than that...
Umami Flavors Fly High
With the goal of making bland airline meals a thing of the past, the culinary team at British Airways Height Cuisine turned to Chef Heston Blumenthal to help them tackle the challenge of serving great-tasting food at 35,000 feet. In his show "Heston...
Wine Flights
Good news for British Airways flyers looking to unwind in the sky: wine is complimentary in every class of all flights. Andrew Sparrow of Bibendum Wine runs the department after cutting his teeth for 30 years on the British Airways team. "While...
Height Cuisine
Maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence, British Airways has gone to great lengths to develop a culinary program that serves delicious meals to passengers in all flight classes. To this end the airline has launched The lackluster quality...
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