"Old Kyoto"'s Historical Machiya Rental Properties in the Gion Neighborhood
Developed for travelers visiting Kyoto's Yasaka Shrine (which began construction in the year 656), the alluring Gion neighborhood later transformed into an exclusive geisha district with plenty of tea houses, bars and restaurants. Gion today has plenty...
An Idyllic Yurt in Northern Ontario
Shara Gibson isn't your typical landlord. In 2013, she took the internet by storm with two tracks that demonstrate her haunting songwriting abilities and vocal prowess. But music isn't Gibson's only passion project. For the last few years, the Canadian...
Milan Design Week 2015: Transforming Historical Spaces
When you walk in the streets of Milan, you immediately realize that its classic architecture can somehow be cold and austere. But behind many façades, there are gardens—beautiful and carefully hidden. Some of the installations at the latest Milan...
Pineapple Magazine
To elevate their home-rental business to another platform, today Airbnb introduced their first print publication, playfully entitled Pineapple. With contributions from conventional writers and hosts, the glossy magazine aims to take on the traditional...
Airbnb, a service just five years young, has rapidly become the largest lodging brand in the hotel industry and somehow, it's managed to fly under the radar for so many in the traveling world. The hugely successful, highly unconventional brand hosts...