The Silo Hotel, Cape Town
Walking into the three-room Royal Suite on the ninth floor of Cape Town's Silo Hotel is a little like entering a physical manifestation of “Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes.” Your dropped jaw is followed by a grin, and as the golden sun bursting...
Notes: The Three Camera Kit
I started taking pictures with my father’s Nikon F when I was eight years old and not long after began developing film and making prints in the darkroom. Back then watching a photo come to life in a tray of developer was instantly gratifying—granted...
Chasing Mike Horn Through Namibia
Adventurer and environmentalist, Mike Horn has circumnavigated the globe along the equator without the use of motors, he’s summited multiple Himalayan peaks without supplemental oxygen and he’s trekked the Arctic Circle for 27 consecutive months, covering...
Firehorse Arc on Shutterstock
A longtime destination for captivating stock imagery, vector files, music and more, Shutterstock constantly seeks out new sources for content not found elsewhere. Their latest exclusive collaborator, Beirut-based production company Firehorse Arc...
Elewana SkySafari: Lodges and Camps in Tanzania
An African safari affects you in the way people talk about an ayahuasca retreat. Both take you on a surreal journey within a world you belong to, yet one surprisingly unfamiliar. And at the end, you’ve gained an entirely new perspective. Also like...
Elewana SkySafari: The Parks
On the fifth day of safari, Tanzania’s vastness really hits me. It happens mid-flight on our journey between parks, as the steep verticals of the Rift Valley fade in the distance and the enormity of the Serengeti plains creeps into view. Tanzania...
Interview: Photographer Pieter Hugo
When Nelson Mandela formally stepped into office as South Africa's first democratically elected president in 1994, it marked a new era of hope and reconciliation for the vibrant if not fractured nation. While the transition of power from apartheid...
Travel With No Limits: The Adventurists
On the homepage of UK-based "travel" organizers The Adventurists, a deadpan warning clearly states: "Your chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of taking part are high." Still interested? The warning continues: "Individuals who...
Uganda's Rose & Fitzgerald Design Studio
We were first introduced to Uganda-based houseware and jewelry design team Rose & Fitzgerald through their collaborative project with socially conscious design house The Citizenry. Delving deeper into their work, we discovered an array of beautiful...
Word of Mouth: Addis Ababa
by Jenny Miller Addis Ababa is a capital on the up-and-up. As the gateway to the rest of Ethiopia and its beguiling landscape, Addis is a city of almost constant sunshine and, in recent years, construction dust. Countless hotels, a light rail system...
CH Editions: Backsberg Estate Cellars Safari Collection
We’ve brought together a selection of our six favorite South African wines from Cool Hunting's recent safari in Zambia, which were provided by the talented winemakers at Backsberg Estate Cellars. From a classic pinotage to a fruity chenin blanc, these...
William Onyeabor Box Sets
Much of Onyeabor's identity remains a mystery, but crate-diggers have been fans for years, and 2013 saw Luaka Bop finally bring his songs to the (curious) masses. Discovering Onyeabor's music is like being let in on a very special secret. Rich with...
Collection Two: Uganda From The Citizenry
Following a successful first release, incorporating materials and craftsmanship from Peru and Argentina, socially conscious design house The Citizenry presents Collection Two: Uganda. Partnering with artisans throughout the country to source materials...
Cool Hunting Video: Q&Q SmileSolar Watches on CH Edition Zambia 2014
When we first saw the colorful SmileSolar watches from Japanese brand Q&Q we felt they were the perfect partner to work with on our CH Edition trip to Zambia. Fortunately, they loved the idea of joining us on safari and, more importantly, helped...
Le Comptoir General, Paris
by Meghan Sebold For any travel enthusiast, the best venue to visit is often one that requires processing time to absorb the scene—a place that makes you wonder, "What on earth is going on here?" Le Comptoir General (LCG) in Paris’s 10th arrondissement...
Boubou Leather Shoes
Twins for Peace gives shoes to children in need on a 1-1 basis with what's purchased from their French clothing and lifestyle shop. Their slim and sleek pair of Boubou black leather sneakers goes practically all black everything, and are accented by...
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