Affordable Luxury

The Hoxton Amsterdam Hotel
To put it simply, The Hoxton Amsterdam Hotel delivers the best of two distinct worlds. While the influence of The Hoxton brand is present in the chic decor and hip clientele, there’s something undeniably authentic and Dutch about the hotel itself—from...
Snowe Homewares
Shopping for home essentials isn't the most thrilling—especially when you have to drudge through dozens of different stores and their never-ending selections. Making it easy to furnish a new apartment in one click (no required day trip to a warehouse...
Functional, Sophisticated Proper Assembly Bags
In the boundless sea of bag options out there, one unisex drawstring option—made from durable Italian wool and with shoulder-pads made from American vegetable tanned leather (and clocking in at less than a pound)—caught our eye. It first garnered...
Generator Paris
"Hostel" isn't the first word that comes to mind when you step into the freshly opened Generator Paris—from its sheer size alone (916 beds across eight floors) to the supremely Instagrammable communal spaces (where Tom Dixon lights are paired with...
Direct-to-Consumer OneGround Shoes
Direct-to-consumer manufacturing companies like Everlane and Warby Parker have attracted a devoted customer following by offering attractive, top-quality products at a fraction of their traditional retail costs. Businessmen, tech geeks and shoe...
Leonard & Church Watches
When Jeff Leung graduated college, he began the arduous odyssey of job searching and, even though smartphones display the time, Leung felt wearing a watch was a necessary part of appearing professional. He also decided that an inexpensive plastic...
CitizenM Times Square Hotel
When citizenM announced they were opening their first American outpost in Times Square, we were a bit skeptical. After a stay, however, we were happily proven wrong—they've created an oasis in the middle of one of the most chaotic places in the world...