What I Love About Movies
Since 2005, Little White Lies has been a unique creative read for film buffs seeking something besides hype. Dedicating each issue largely to a single film, the bi-monthly indie publication broadens the conversation beyond just reviews and interviews...
The Filmmaker Says
Hot off the Princeton Architectural Press is "The Filmmaker Says," a collection of quotes from the people who envisioned (and then brought to life) history-making films, from Charlie Chaplin to Kathryn Bigelow to Akira Kurasawa. Their words, compiled...
Certain things come to mind when the words "modeling agency" are mentioned. Rarely do those things include cabaret artists, stand-up comedians or burlesque performers. The new Berlin-based agency WeAreUnlikeYou aims to change that by finding individuals...
Interview: Diego Luna
by Andrea DiCenzo Best known for their daring performances as school friends in the 2001 Mexican hit "Y Tu Mamá También" (And Your Mother Too), actors and filmmakers Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal have championed in a new generation...
And Everything Is Going Fine
For fans of Spalding Gray familiar with his monologues from films like "Swimming to Cambodia" (1987), directed by Jonathan Demme, or "Gray's Anatomy" (1996), directed by Steven Soderbergh, "And Everything Is Going Fine" (also directed by Soderbergh...
Small Apartments
Sponsored content: Small Apartments focuses in on the small lives lived inside of a run-down Los Angeles apartment complex on the wrong side of the tracks. Little Britain's Matt Lucas is both creepy and sympathetic in his stellar performance as...
Salvando al Soldado Pérez
The New Mexican Cinema movement may have calmed to a simmer in recent years, but the country's presence on the international film scene is here to stay. At Los Angeles' recent Hola México Festival, festival-goers were treated to a secret midnight...