Drones, Robots and an Electrified Couch: Launching Absolut Electrik
From a cultural standpoint, Absolut vodka frequently calls to mind two associations: nightlife and a history of art partnerships. To celebrate the launch of their latest limited edition bottle design (in both electric blue and silver), Absolut Electrik...
Absolut Andy Warhol Art Exchange: CH Picks
As part of Absolut's celebration of their limited edition Andy Warhol bottle, the brand's global art exchange encourages creativity from all corners of the world. In a clever move—reminiscent of Warhol's work—the initiative blends pop culture and...
Your 15 Minutes Await With Absolut's Andy Warhol Art Exchange
As the grandfather of Pop Art, Andy Warhol and his legacy are those of appropriation. Already canonical, his images become increasingly powerful the more they are repeated and translated into new mediums. For their latest collaboration, Absolut is...
Rafael Grampá’s Dark Noir Premieres at MADE
Advertorial content: For the debut of Brazilian illustrator Rafael Grampá’s 3D animated short with #NextFrame, Absolut toasted the artist’s success with a private screening of the film, "Dark Noir." Fittingly, the premiere took place at the brand...
Interview: Rafael Grampá
Advertorial content: In the world of comic books, it's nearly impossible for an outsider to rise out of anonymity. However, that's just what Brazilian cartoonist Rafael Grampá did in 2008 when he debuted his original series “Mesmo Delivery” in the...
Absolut Elyx
Over the past decade, Absolut became more synonymous with college parties and dance club bottle service than with its artistically-inclined, sustainably-minded Swedish roots. This shift in reputation is undoubtedly a repercussion of its ubiquitous...