Herb Essentials
Cannabis-based skincare isn't new, but there's something special about the body lotion that's been sitting atop our bathroom sink for the past few weeks. The simple black-and-white minimalist branding on the bottle sets it apart from what you...
420 Happens Twice a Day
Cannabis culture in the United States has come a long way—especially in recent years, thanks to medical marijuana use being legalized across 28 of the 50 states. While 4/20 is a day for many to celebrate, it's no longer the cliched stoner holiday...
Three Plant System
With everything needed to grow at home, the Three Plant System comes with buckets, lights (180 watts with spectrum control) and more. The SmartHub controls light, hydration and nutrient dosage and pairs with a free app to control settings and...
Super OG Kush Shorts
Made from 100% premium cotton, Monitaly's "Super OG Kush" shorts feature an all-over marijuana leaf print, but in a non-traditional colorway that makes it a little less easy to identify. Black serves as the background while the leaves are in shades...
GO420 T-Shirt
Made from 5.5 ounce premium ring-spun cotton, this limited edition T-shirt was made by two of our favorite cannabis-friendly brands: hmbldt and Mister Green. With a minimal design and positive message, it's made in California and comes in sizes from...
Banana Pipe
Peddled under the name Gatorbeug, the handmade earthenware pipes by Australian designer Tom Mason are equal parts art objet and functional device. This sculptural, smokable banana might inspire healthier choices when the munchies set in.
"It's 420 Somewhere" T-Shirt
With a slogan that's as subtle as a sledgehammer, Loved by Erika's "It's 420 Somewhere" one-of-a-kind T-shirt embraces the joy of stereotypical stoners. Pale pink and with DIY purple puff glitter paint, it's a thing teenage dreams were made of. Wear...
The Stoner’s Coloring Book
Create your trippiest artwork and set your inner artist free with Jared Hoffman's "The Stoner’s Coloring Book." With 40+ original illustrations created by nine artists, the pages within are a wild ride; psychedelic and plenty of positive vibes. So...
Legalize Bliss T-Shirt
Inspired by the style and spirit of the '70s, this stonewashed vintage-vibe T-shirt from Bliss and Mischief is very 420 friendly. With flocked lettering spelling out "Nature's Way of Saying High" on the front and a giant "Legalize Bliss" on the back...
Mister Green Life Store
Ariel Stark-Benz had his first hit of weed at age nine, when an older neighbor in his hometown of Portland pulled out his parents’ stash and they gave it a whirl the way many kids smoke their first time: DIY via good old aluminum. It’s safe to say...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Origins of Monopoly's Iconic Playing Pieces Ever wonder how such random items as a shoe, thimble, wheelbarrow and battleship became the playing pieces of possibly the most iconic board game in history? According to Cool Material, their...
Golden Snitch
Those tiny plastic baggies sadly let the whole world know you've got good weed. Stash the precious bud away from mooching roommates in this gorgeous California-made Golden Snitch orb, available at Sweetflag. The new online shop is fully of beautifully...
Green Theme: 420 Friendly Products
As of just two days ago, medical marijuana is now legal in 24 of the United States and some 20 states have also decriminalized possession of small amounts. One of the outcomes of this (other than fewer people being put behind bars for minor offenses...
Mile High Gift Set
If you’re only smoking or consuming cannabis, you might not be unlocking all of its health-improving potential. Apothecanna’s Mile High Gift Set allows for direct-to-skin application of marijuana’s healing wonders through five different body lotions...
Trapezium Ashtray
Part of Arca’s Trapezium collection, this buffalo horn-inlaid ashtray takes inspiration from a symmetrical trapeze. Arca handcrafts the shimmering toking accessory in Italy, using a unique heating process that draws out the horn’s individual grain...
The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook
Art meets science in all types of cooking—but maybe especially so when cooking with cannabis. With over 100 recipes for everything from breakfasts to cocktails, this book is more than just a cooking guide. There is also information on the many varieties...
Stan Smith Vulc "Happy"
Partnering with Adidas Skateboarding, West Coast retailer BAIT envisions the ultimate sneaker for stoners: the Stan Smith Vulc “Happy.” Stitched together from natural hemp and adorned with an earthy all-over pattern, the weed-themed shoes even feature...
Mary Jane Candle
Available in two sizes (six ounces, which burns for 30-45 hours or eight ounces, which burns for 50-65 hours) Black Candle Society's Mary Jane candle is made from 100% soy wax that's blended with organic cannabis flower fragrance oil—so it smells great...
Ceramic Match Striker
Much more easy on the eyes than the go-to neon orange disposable lighter is this ceramic match-holder handmade by LA-based artist couple Kat Hutter and Roger Lee from their collaborative homewares line, Kat and Roger. Drag a "strike anywhere" match...
Happy Sack Lockable Clutch
Style and safety come first with Van der Pop's "Happy Sack" wallet-meets-clutch. This genuine leather accessory comes complete with a personalized and programmable three-digit code so you can hide your stash or controversial belongings from kids and...
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