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Zilla Spring/Summer 2011

Sponge and cork in a former architect's surprising handbag collection

by Paolo Ferrarini in Style on 30 September 2010


Sylvia Pichler, a young Italian architect, prefers designing handbags over skyscrapers. Drawing on industrial materials typically reserved for insulation, interior decoration or even air filtering, Pichler creates curiously elegant bags under the moniker Zilla.

zillas2.jpg zillas3.jpg

The Zilla Spring/Summer 2011 collection consists of simple yet extremely feminine bags in a variety of styles. Special filters, natural cork, aluminum foils, bast fiber, rubber and synthetic sponge combine with fine leather and linings for a collection that spans both day and night looks.


Prices vary but the distinct handmade bags typically sell for around $480 from select fashion and design shops around the world. For more information, contact Pichler through the Zilla website.

Check out some of our favorites from the Zilla Autumn/Winter 2010 collection in the gallery.


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