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Zero-G Watch

by Ami Kealoha
on 29 July 2008

by Kyle Small


Tokyoflash is famous for making unique and unusual watches, pushing the limits of time telling. We often find the light shows a little too flashy but the mix of retro styling and an innovative display make the Zero-G appealing. With a sleek and slender profile, you might not have the hardest time telling the time (although it still takes a little getting used to) but you will have fun doing it.

From the body to the mirrored LCD face, the Zero G has a simplistic design that carries through into the display. An arm (like most analog watches) points to the hour and a segmented curve around the edges marks the minutes. All in all, telling the time isn't much different from regular watches, it just takes a little practice. (It's nothing like some of Tokyoflash's other watch designs, where you basically can't read the time without a manual.)

Besides the LCD display, the Zero-G wields a surprisingly sophisticated frame. In either black or silver, weighing in at just 60 grams (a tad over two ounces) and built around a strap that's barely thicker than a dime, the waterproof beauty is both uncomplicated and at the same time everything you need in a watch.

It's available from Tokyoflash for ¥9,800.

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