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We Love Colors Tights

by CH Contributor in Style on 08 February 2008


by Sheena Sood

While New York fashion designers Proenza Schouler and are adding brilliant spring-like colors to their Fall/Winter 2008 collections with sherbet colored tights and printed stockings on the runways this week, why not slip on a pair of bright leggings courtesy of We Love Colors? The quality tights are opaque and are now made from 80 Denier Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber for a thicker, softer feel. The best part though, is that the tights are available in 45 different solid colors; choose from hues such as pastel mint, olive green, neon pink, lavender, or rubine (a kind of burgundy).


Fresh patterns like stripes, zig-zags, and polka dots are also available in the same 45 hues. Those who aren’t afraid of an intense color statement can try the unique “Splash Color” tights (pictured), which have a vibrant tie-dyed-splashed-paint effect.

We Love Colors offers plus-sized tights, knee and thigh-highs, fishnets, gloves, mini-dresses, leotards, and styles for men and children as well. All products are available online or by phone. Solid tights are $12.50 and splash-colored cost $16 to get us through the rest of winter with flying colors.


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