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Von Totebags and T-Shirts


Von Totebags and T-Shirts

by Fiona Killackey
on 24 April 2008

Award-winning London based illustrator Von has long been a CH favorite so when he decided to launch a range of tees and totes we grabbed the chance to find out more.

Why did you decide to brand into fashion now?
As much as t-shirts have been done a million times before I still get excited when I come across a really nice design printed up beautifully on a t-shirt. The opportunity to try and translate my work onto apparel was just too much to resist after a while so I hunted down a really good screen printer in town and got to producing the t-shirts and totes. Each one is screened by hand so it has a really nice sense of craft about the print, each varies slightly in tone with its own identity—a quality I was determined to carry through from my illustration to apparel.


How many different prints will there be?
These are the first two (right) in a series of prints I intend to release.

Is it limited in range?
These designs are not. But I definitely want to release a limited set at some point in the future. I would really like to make the most of my screen-printer's technical knowledge and do something very special for that.

And where can we get one?
Currently the apparel is available only from Shopvon, my online store, which ships worldwide. I am in talks with a few key retailers here in London at the moment with regard moving onto the next stage, off of the web and into the real world.

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