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Ursa Major Bamboo Face Wipes

Natural skincare for freshening up on the move

by Graham Hiemstra in Style on 21 June 2013


A treat for travelers, men's skincare line Ursa Major's newly introduced Essential Face Wipes make lengthy layovers and daily commutes just a tad more manageable. Made in Vermont, the wipes clean your face without wicking away the nutrients—no secondary moisturizer needed—while reducing shine and dissolving dead cells, which in turn helps sooth and calm skin. Plus the sturdy wipes are made of bamboo fibers, making them robust enough to be used on a bearded face without leaving a trace of fuzz that cotton pads tend to.

Ursa-Major-Face-Wipes-2.jpg Ursa-Major-Face-Wipes-3.jpg

The individually packaged natural wipes are also great for the daily commute and, as NYC's infamously humid summer heat isn't far off, we'll likely be stocking up on these for those evenings when there's no time to get home between office hours and heading out. The Essential Face Wipes sell in a pack of 20 for $24 from Ursa Major.

Images by Graham Hiemstra


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