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Toddy Pajamas


Toddy Pajamas

by Fiona Killackey
on 16 April 2008

Australia-based and South Africa-born, Michelle Legge is the brains behind the brand new cutting-edge casual label Toddy. Taking a unique approach to the vanilla offerings of sleepwear and casual fashion, this debut designer is set for cult status with a line of innovative, stylish and above all else, comfortable clothing. CH caught up with Legge to discuss leggings, design and imaginary sausage dogs.

What's with the name Toddy?
Toddy was the name of an imaginary sausage dog that I had as a kid. Toddy was very faithful to me and would bark at the ghosts and scary things I had in my room at night. Toddy was as good as any imaginary sausage dog could get. Kids often dream up imaginary friends to get them through tough times or if they're alone or scared. The brand is all about feeling safe and cozy and childlike so the name works in that way. God, I sound like an advertising wanker...


Why did you decide to do sleepwear?
I'm a sucker for mooching around in comfortable clothes. I rarely wear jeans because I find them stiff and restrictive so Toddy is a reflection of how I like to dress. At the same time, I don't see my stuff as being sleepwear only. My prints and designs translate to everyday wear as well, particular with my racerback singlet, leggings and cardie. This is the beauty of some of brands like Schwipe and Material Boy, the stuff is designed to suit a lifestyle of "club to bed to cafe to club." I want Toddy to offer the same freedom.


What's different about your pajamas from the rest on the market?
My pajamas are 100% non-soppy, non-frilly and non-embarrassingly ugly. If someone is into crying bears and fluffy hearts they can go and get that crap from Target. On the other hand, a lot of people love [Australian sleepwear designer] Peter Alexander and I have always been a big fan of his, but PAs can feel a bit "samey" as well, and I believe that the ultimate Toddy customer, like my friends and I, like to dress somewhat to the left. Right now, Toddy can offer kids a real alternative.

That aside, who else is doing long johns with bum flaps in Australia?
No one, that's who! My onesies are cute, quirky and rare. People love being unique.

Do you deliver internationally?
Yes, with cheap shipping, flat rate of $18! For a lot of peeps, buying quality Australian design is a bargain alternative thanks to their strong currencies—think the U.K. and Japan.

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