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The Boyfriend Shirt

by CH Contributor
on 13 July 2009

by Ariston Anderson

Scott Evan Wasserberger and Jess Zaino of Sew, a Soho, NY custom men's shirt mainstay, recognized that many a woman out there liked nothing more than to slip into her man's button-down after a long day. But, like other recent boyfriend-inspired fashion, they wanted to create a shirt more specifically tailored for a woman, leading them to co-design the Boyfriend Shirt.

"My inspiration behind making the shirt was that I always love to grab my man's shirt off the floor/chair/bed and throw it on for sexy comfort," Zaino tells CH. Available in white, light blue and pink, Sew makes the Boyfriend Shirt from the finest Loro Piana Italian cottons, adds Mother-of-Pearl buttons and tapers it at the waist for a more feminine feel.

The shirt is already a favorite of Jessica Biel and Reese Witherspoon, but Zaino says she created the shirt for every woman, “It's classic, strong and soft all at once.”


At a recent photo shoot at the Eldridge, top fashion bloggers came to the set pairing the shirt with items from their own wardrobes. It can be worn alone, paired with leggings, shorts, denim or a skirt and heels—quickly becoming the closet staple of the summer, ripe for mixing in with your own unique style.


The Boyfriend Shirt is available at Sew, retailing for $220, or you can place orders by email (info [at] theboyfriendshirt [dot] com).

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tel. +1 212 686 1630

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