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The Seiko Power Design Project

by Watchismo in Style on 09 November 2006

2002 3Dcloth Main-1
2005 Ivory Main.0-1
2004 Dish Main.0-1

The Seiko Power Design Project is a horological laboratory for concept watches headed by famed product designer Naoto Fukasawa. Every year since 2002, his lab has introduced ideas pushing innovation in form and function inspired by a theme. Pictured left, the "3D Cloth" (2002, theme: "The new ordinary") replaces standard materials with felt in modern shapes and colors. "Ivory" (2005, theme: "Fascination," pictured center)—reminiscent of Moss' Internal Rolex—is encased in a material that looks like ivory, but here (unlike the Internal Rolex), the wristband has a small digital watch embedded in it. Inspired by satellite dishes, the face of 2004's "Dish" (theme: "Radio wave control watch," pictured right) rotates to case the wearer or for other uses. For more of our fave images from Seiko's Power Design Project go here.


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