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The Rise and Fall Jeans

by Jacob Resneck
on 25 June 2007

Since gaining a following that includes megastore Urban Outfitters for their tees, Brooklyn-based line The Rise and Fall made their first foray into denim that's refreshingly low-frill. Slim and straight, rather than skin-tight, it's a pair of jeans that's comely and comfortable yet utilitarian. "We have them made here in the USA and they're sort of a reaction to all of the ridiculously overdone denim out there now," co-founder Joshua Cohen recently told CH.

Unbelievably, they retail for less than $70 bucks. Similar to the Cheap Monday philosophy, that's saying something in a world where a person's jeans often run higher than their car payment. Style-wise, they're in the same vein as the Kicking Mule Workshop jeans reviewed earlier this spring, keeping it basic without sacrificing quality. Currently they're only available in their Williamsburg, Brooklyn store, but you can mail order over the phone. See a full image here and look out for more from The Rise and Fall on CH later this week.

The Rise and Fall
263 South First Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211 map
tel. +1 718 388 3108

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