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Talitha Leather

An altruistic leather worker's line of covetable purses, bags and accessories

by Adrienne So in Style on 30 July 2010

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Portland, OR-based Talitha Leather was founded by Nate Bagley after working as a case manager for a homeless youth organization. Inspired by bible stories, he named the business after a sickly young girl who Jesus saves after her parents leave her for dead.


A friend of Bagley's was working in a shoe store, where he learned leather working techniques. Together they began collecting tools and set up shop in a basement, refining their skills at riveting and sewing. Today, Talitha Leather sells a full line of men's and women's accessories, including bags, purses and leather jewelry made from materials sourced on the West Coast.


A portion of the profits from the sturdy bags goes toward the International Justice Mission, a human rights agency that promotes victim advocacy in the public justice system. The profits from the company also allow Bagley to offer a sliding scale for his services as a private practice mental health counselor to uninsured families and children in Portland.

Prices range from $14 for jewelry to $200-$500 for handmade messenger bags and sell from their online shop or Talitha Leather's Etsy site.


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