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Tagür AKA Blank

by Jacob Resneck in Style on 31 January 2006


Like the better mousetrap, we're constantly trying to design the more stylish sneaker. Burlington-based Tagür is upping the ante with their AKA Blank shoes. These white shoes are an artist's canvas (made from a specially treated paint-friendly surface) on which to express yourself. If you don't feel inclined, just set up one of your "artsy" friends with a Sharpie indelible marker and let 'em at it.

They've taken the idea a step further, jumping on the collabo bandwagon with well-known artists doing custom designs which are sold at auction. Check out "The Show" link for the whole story.

But in the meantime, if you're looking for a trainer that's stylish and understated — not gaudy like so many of the mainstream athletic brands — then Tagürs are a smart choice.

by Jacob Resneck


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