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Squidfire Hoodie

by Ami Kealoha in Style on 16 November 2006


Just over a year old, the Baltimore-based line Squidfire now boasts a whole range of goods hand-printed on manual presses with their original designs. In addition to Vans (actually hand-painted), messenger bags and a line for kids, they've recently introduced hoodies, like this "Workout" sweatshirt (pictured left, $45) that features overlapping images of a smiling 70's-era muscleman in red, blue and black on grey. Printed on American Apparel (like most of their items), it's a good option for exercising outdoors on chilly fall days—or just for keeping warm in front of the TV.

We also like the old-time styling of the green-and-brown Seahorse print (pictured right), available on a silver tee for $25.


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