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Spring Bags for Guys

by Ami Kealoha
on 13 May 2008

by Jason Wilson and Piera Gelardi


This season, our friends at Refinery29 gathered 15 favorite bags for guys with traditionally boyish shapes, many of which have been updated to maximize function and storage while still looking good in transit. From a sensibly chic leather back-pack and vigorously reconstructed satchel to a no muss, no-fuss beach tote, our top offerings should provide adequate room and style to spare. Superman has to stash the cape and boots somewhere, right? Here's how.

Above, from left: Umbro by Kim Jones Gamba Indie Bag, $99, available at Gargyle; Y.M.C. Duffle Bag, about $350, available at Y.M.C.; Billykirk Hand-Stitched Shoulder Satchel, $320, available at Billykirk.


Above, from left: Surface to Air Navy Cargo Bag, $552, available at Oak; Krane Avion Small Messenger Bag, $352, available at Revolve Clothing; Rogues Gallery Medium Beacon Tote, $187, available at Revolve Clothing.

To see all 15, go to Refinery29.

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