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Space Lego Smiley Helmet Cufflinks

Literally wear Lego love on your sleeve with spaceman head cufflinks

by Greg Stefano in Style on 01 February 2011

legolinks1.jpg legolinks2.jpg

For the dapper dork Etsy seller Gr0gimann's Space Lego Smiley Helmet cufflinks are a way to subtly show off your inner fanboy. Taking a pressed button-down to another galaxy and sure to spark a conversation or two, these cute, happy explorers are made from authentic plastic Lego spaceman heads affixed to silver-plated hardware.


Available in five colors, each set comes with a drawstring gift bag and proceeds help Gr0glmann "pay for school." You can snag a pair from the seller's Etsy shop or Nuji for $17 a pair.


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