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Sou Brette Jewelry: Fiction Romance

by CH Contributor
on 05 January 2009

by Ezra Natalia


Already known for her illustration and design work, Muqliza Imroni started with making jewelry for herself. When more and more people were asking where to get the pieces, Sou Brette Jewelry was born.

Talking with Lizsa (as most call her), we wondered, “Why jewelry? Why not something else?" And she answered, "A person said to me once that jewelry, unlike clothes, will always be worn and kept forever. You can wear the same jewelry all the time with different clothes, bags, shoes...different personality. You can be old and still wear your favorite jewelry."

But that thinking doesn't prevent the young designer from branching out into other fields. Already making most of her own clothes, she recently collaborated with Resida Irmine to launch their clothing line Proud Parents at A.O.D,, a pop-up store (now closed) in Jakarta, Indonesia.


When asked about her latest collection, Lizsa explains, "When I found my long-lost Buzzcocks record, Operator’s Manual, I listened to it every single day. The memory was all coming back to me. That's why this season is very personal, all the things I love gathered in one collection." Called "Fiction Romance," after a song on the album by the legendary British punk band, the new range also finds inspiration in ballerinas, '90s silk patterns and the colors of seashells.

She adds "To me, ideas came from everywhere. It could be a dress I saw during fashion week or when I woke up in the morning and a certain song is playing. I started seeing visions, shapes. Then I just drew them on to my sketchbook and made samples out of them."

Mainly using solid resin, each necklace is handmade, hand-molded and hand-crafted in Indonesia. To buy her jewelry you can simply check her blog Sou Brette where you can download the look book and price list. Also, join the Sou Brette Facebook group to stay up-to-date.

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