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Sneakers and Toys

by Josh Rubin in Style on 19 October 2003

Yuming at Freshness has shared a fantastic list of toy and sneaker stores all over NYC. Thanks Yuming! The Boutiques 360 toy group Toys, Toys, toys. 239 Eldridge st. (Next to NORT/Recon) Manhattan Map Alife Store brand and other gear. 178 Orchard Street (Btwn Houston Street and Stanton Street) Manhattan (646) 654-0628 Map Alife Rivington Club They've got the usual quickstrike stuff. They've got Adidas and Nike. They had artist series. They've got a selection of very exclusive stuff behind glass. 158 Rivington Street (Between Suffolk St and Clinton St) Manhattan (212) 375-8128 Map Classickicks 298 Elizabeth Street Manhattan (212) 979 9514 Our report on classickicks Map ISA We were told they've got some cool gear there, quickstrikes and all. We'll check out ISA soon. 88 North 6th Street (Very close to KCDC) Williamsburg, Brooklyn Map KCDC 99 North 10th Street (Very close to ISA) Williamsburg, Brooklyn 718 387 9006 Our report on kcdc Map Kid robot East Toys, Toys, toys. 126 Prince St. Manhattan (212) 966 6688 Map New York Kinokuniya Bookstore Get Relax, Sneaker Jack, and your all you japanese magazines here. 10 West 49th Street (Near Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center) Manhattan (212) 765 7766 Map Nike Energy Gallery Seen two exhibitions here. The previous one was the Laser exhibition. Hours are strange. Wed, Thurs & Fri 6-8pm ; Sat 1-6pm 255 Elizabeth Street (Near Houston Street and near Prohibit) Manhattan Map Nort 235 They've been getting some Euro exclusive stuff. They held it down with the Stash Air Force 1, Stash Artist Series and Air Force 1 Laser. They selection is pretty hot. Lots of stuff you don't see else where. 235 Eldridge Street (Btwn Houston St and Stanton St. Next to Recon/360 Toy Group) Manhattan Map Premium Goods The only shop I know in NY that has Bape Sta Sneakers. They've got their quickstrike and some more exclusive stuff behind the glass case. 694 Fulton St (Btw. Ft. Green Pl & S. Elliot) Brooklyn NY (718) 403 9348 Map Prohibit Nike shoes, Prohibit gear, denim, shoes. METHAMPHIBIAN has some stuff in here. 269 Elizabeth Street Manhattan Recon They've got the Recon Brand some toys and some BAPE stuff. 237 Eldridge Street (Next to NORT/360 Toy Group) Manhattan (212) 614-8502 Map Stussy/Head Porter They've got clothes and Nike Sneakers. Mostly quickstrikes. The artist series landed here. 140 Wooster Street (Near Kid Robot) Manhattan (212) 995-8787 Map SSUR / SSUR Plus Mostly Clothing. they've got some custom nikes. Never really been here. Forgot which is which 7 Spring Street (Near Bowery Street) Manhattan 219a Mulberry Street 7 Spring St Map | 219a Mulberry Map Stackhouse Mostly Clothing. 276 Lafayette Street (Next to supreme, use the supreme map) Manhattan Map Supreme You know what's here. 274 Lafayette Street (Near Houston Street) Manhattan (212) 966-7799 Map Toy Tokyo 121 Second Ave. (East Village. Near 7th St.) Manhattan 212-673-5424 Map Union Mostly Clothing, maybe 3-5 pairs of rare shoes for sale. Last we saw, Jordans were there. 172 Spring Street (near West Broadway) Manhattan Map Zakka Good assortment of Design books from around the world. One of the two shops you'll find Relax, the Other is Kinokuniya. They also got a selection of toys as well. 147 Grand Street (Close to Supreme) Manhattan (212) 431 3961 Map The Large retailers Listed in the priority of worth checking out to it's not worth getting paid to go in. Niketown 6 East 57th Street, 57th & 5th Ave (212) 891-6453 Adidas Originals Gotta to love it. Get all your Adidas stuff here. 136 Wooster Street (212) 777-2001 Active Wearhouse They do have a quickstrike account, their pricing is weird. Some are cheaper and some are just overly expensive. 514 Broadway (212) 965-2284 Transit Clothing Store Same as Active Warehouse, owned by the same people 665 Broadway Fl 1 New York, NY 10012 (212) 358-8726 Dr. Jay's They get their stuff. Some quickstrike. They get samples and have them on display with dates on them. If you've got nice sneakers on, the employees are very talkative. 33 West 34th Street, btwn 5th Ave & 6th Ave (212)695-3354 Training Camp Dope! Can't believe the finds I got here. Lots of older stuff, 3-9 months old. The West 45th Street store is the better shop. 25 West 45th Street, btwn. 5th Ave & 6th Ave 212-840-7842 1079 Sixth Avenue, 40th & 6th 212-921-0203 B Jay's / A Jay's "Is worth checking out... It's a nice 'off the beaten track' place that has a good selection of pumas and adidas." Thanks Susannah. 8th Avenue, b/w 36th & 37th

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