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Slow Moving Vehicle

by Carol T Chung
on 15 November 2005

Just when I thought I'd had enough of the whole limited edition silk-screened t-shirt business model, I stumbled upon Slow Moving Vehicle. This Los Angeles based artist floored me with the intensity of his printed tees and charmed me with his insatiable need to place his mark upon everything from apparel to accesories. Inspired by the everyday life and struggle of the city, graffiti artist Brandon Francis decided to put his well-versed skills (about 12 years!) to canvas, t-shirts, shoes, purses, wallets, and ties. He's been working as a full-time artist for about 3 years and started Slow Moving Vehicle about 2 years ago as a means of sustaining himself without having to take on corporate clients interested in his graffiti skills and as a means of creating an outlet for his passion. According to him, it's either that or going to jail if he gets caught one more time. So, it all works out in a way I suppose. He's able to pursue his passion in way that is self-sustaining and gratifying. And you, dear readers, are able to see, wear, and even own his artwork. Lucky you! Many of his t-shirts and other such products can be found online at digital gravel. His artwork is also for sale through either contact via email or at Black Market in L.A. As for upcoming exhibitions, there'll probably be a show at Black Market in the Spring or Summer of next year, but don't worry I'll keep you posted. (Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a show in SF!)

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