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SISU Key Fobs

by Letizia Rossi in Style on 18 February 2008


Each a unique piece of wearable art, designer (and CH contributor) Phuong-Cac Nguyen makes SISU key fobs from vintage trinkets combined with new metalware. She creates the one-of-a-kind baubles in her adopted home, São Paulo, Brazil, from trinkets scavenged from flea markets during her travels. Mixing ornate gewgaws, playful kitsch, religious effigies and a bad-ass rock and roll sensibility, a SISU key fob will make finding your keys in the depths of your bag a lot more fun—or attach one to the straps of your handbag for instant flair .

Available at Garimpo + Fuxique in São Paulo's Recanto Do Alto shopping center and Rodan vs. Griffth in Los Angeles.


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