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In the last 24 hours I've hoofed all over most of downtown Vancouver looking for hot retail and interesting products. This is a great little city with lots to see and do, but being the turbo consumer that I am, my focus was clear. Results after the jump.

Richard Kidd
65 Water Street
It can not be contested that Richard Kidd (pictured above) is the most beautiful and unique shop in Vancouver. Glass walls rise 30 feet to a glass ceiling that encases a former parking lot between two brick buildings. Very high end street wear is minimally displayed over the 6000 square foot, 2 level space that occupants of the neighboring building can observe through their windows. They have great brands (Libertine, APC, Comme des Garçons, Number (N)ine, and Lucien Pellat-Finet to name a few), though few of their product is unique to Vancouver.

239 Abbott Street
Though Livestock carries a lot of the same kicks as many other sneaker boutiques, they stock enough unique product to put them on the global map. Even better is the easy going, open and friendly attitude of the guys who work there-- this is not your typical high attitude shop.

El Kartel
1025 Robson Street
At El Kartel popular clothing and sneaker brands intermingle with hot items from local designers. Also serving as a gallery space, there's lots of art on the walls to buy as well.

1232 Burrard Street
Possibly the first sneaker boutique in Vancouver, Headquarter also features great vinyl toys, t-shirts and hoodies. There's a bit of overlap with their inventory and the stuff at Livestock, but they have plenty of items I didn't see elsewhere.

Looking for more Vancouver shopping destinations? Check out the list over at Superfuture, site for global shopping experts.


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