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Royal Jelly Ontour

by Ami Kealoha in Style on 06 January 2006


Ontour, the Storybook-based t-shirt line out of Holland, tells the tale of a girl who loved jelly pudding so much that she turned into a jellyfish in their latest spring/summer 2006 collection. Due out in February, the fanciful idea yielded a series of tees in mostly greens, grays, and pinks. Standouts include "Jelly Invasion," a speckled pattern that mixes silhouetted jellyfish and jelly puddings and "Jellyskull," an image that superimposes a trumpet from Ontour's first line over a jellyfish to add a twist to the current skull craze. Check it out after the jump.

Available in select stores in Europe and online from Fresh Cotton

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