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Rogues Gallery

The charms of Coastal Maine embodied in a local label's rustic flagship shop

by Josh Teixeira
on 15 October 2010
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Now that we're fully in Fall's grip, it seemed like a fitting time to check out the rugged gear sold at Rogues Gallery's rustic flagship shop in Portland, ME.

Tucked away on a cobblestone alley that runs parallel to two of the busiest streets in the Old Port area, the tiny brick storefront is marked only by a pair of ancient-looking wooden signs, making it perfectly easy to miss. Historically reserved for lobster-trinket-seeking tourists, stores like Rogues Gallery, along with an outcropping of excellent restaurants and local breweries, are giving the district a much-needed reinvention.

Once inside, we found exactly what we were looking for—staples like worn in tees, plaid button downs, navy sweaters and rugged leather belts compliment a range of outdoor gear, crisp jeans and a surprising variety of sneakers, boat shoes and boots.

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The nautical theme is ever-present, but refreshingly different than the shops that surround Rogues Gallery. Metal anchor belt buckles and bracelets, antique model ships and buoys, dark plaids and wool sweaters, all set against the dark wood beams and brick walls, perfectly evoke the convergence of the ocean and the woods that defines coastal Maine.

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While browsing and snapping pictures, a collection of bottles caught our eyes. Last year, Rogues Gallery collaborated with Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery to produce Squall IPA—a robust, strong beer that "brings together the hard-worn New England port town perspective of Rogues Gallery and the artisinal brew-mastery of Dogfish Head." Luckily for us, the shopkeepers recommended Novare Res, a biergarten right around the corner that still had some left.

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