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Renzo Rosso: Diesel Planet Store Fifth Avenue

by Karen Day
on 17 February 2009

Fresh off a smoke, Renzo Rosso sat down with us to answer a few questions about Diesel's newest and largest Planet store on swanky Fifth Avenue in NYC. Looking more Mick Jagger than his revered neighbor Armani, it's clear this store is more rock'n'roll than Rockefeller. Located at the corner of 54th Street, the doors open today, just four hours before Renzo bares his Fall 2009 collection a few blocks away at Bryant Park.

What was your role in creating the Diesel Planet store?
My role? I had so many roles, we changed the store so many times. I am very well involved in the interior design, the construction was not easy because before the place was composed of many little rooms and we wanted to adapt it to our business spirit. It was a little bit difficult but in the end we are very happy because it's very nice, it's very Diesel, very modern.


You said before that in today's economy a brand can be very creative for not a huge investment. Do you not consider this store to be a huge investment?
It is a big investment but you have to consider that we are a very solid company, we work with our own money, we don't need any banks to finance us. We see this particular moment as a good moment for the company and thanks to our solid position we will be able to use this to become stronger for the future.

What is your personal definition of innovation?
Innovation is always trying to do something different, something fresh, something more modern over what's existing. Something that is actual for the moment, for the consumer, trying to be in time with what we need. I think we are because when we see the results of the retail we are up while a lot of companies are down.


You do a lot of collaborative work with people like Viktor & Rolf and Marc Jacobs, how do you view collaborations?
It's good for me because I have the possibility to deal with different designers and a different market and consumer, it allows me a different way to think. It's fantastic because it makes me a lucky man that I have the possibility to share a lot of opinions. I am so happy to have all of these good designers on board because they give me a lot of energy everyday to do better.

Do you hope that the Diesel store has a line going around the corner like Abercrombie & Fitch does a few blocks away?
I hope! I hope we have a line for all of our stores around the world, a line of people waiting to buy our jeans. I think it's a dream for everybody to have a line of people waiting to buy your product. We are happy though because the result is very good for the moment.

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