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Refinery29: Philip Crangi

by Josh Rubin
on 28 June 2006

The Alchemist: Born to a pair of art history professors in the polo playing area of Boca Raton, Philip Crangi's collection of politely punk jewelry found its roots in a number of historical influences and styles. Using a mix of motifs and mediums, Crangi's elegantly "everyday" designs speaks to both the downtown crowd (perfect skull pendants) and the Park Avenue set (delicate gold latticework rings). With his creation of unusual steel and gold mixtures—and his fresh way of re-interpreting the traditional heirloom—Crangi regards himself as something of an alchemist. "We're making the industrial transcend the source material," he says. "...turning something base into something of value." Philip Crangi is available at Odin, 328 East 11th Street,

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