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Since 1994, when designer Yasuhiro Mihara began inventing new sneaker designs as a student at Tama Art University, the industry has continued to push the envelope where trainer innovation is concerned. Even after opening his store, Suso, filled with his own futuristic clothing, the mission of progressive footwear remains Mihara's passion. After a successful partnership with Puma, Mihara has dissected the classic Converse All-Star—literally. This uncommon new trainer is composed of half-black Converse All-Star and half-silver shoe of Mihara's own design, both fused with a continuous sole. From the front, the shoe resembles the billions of other Chucks you've seen. But from the rear, it transforms into a space-age bowling-style shoe—perhaps conceived for a sport that hasn't yet even been dreamed of. MiharaYasuhiro "Split" trainer is available at Atelier New York.


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