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Porter Spring/Summer 2011

The latest bags from a Japanese cult brand

by Evan Orensten in Style on 15 July 2010


Renowned for their attention to detail, practical construction and timeless aesthetic, Porter's Spring/Summer 2011 collection combines these attributes with exciting new features such as reissued WWII Waldes zippers, goat skin zipper pulls and stonewashed PVC fabrics.

porter-ss2.jpg porter-ss3.jpg

Highlights from the 75-year-old cult Japanese brand's latest collection include the Worker series, which integrates Zimbabwean cotton with Californian sun-form cotton for an "antique brown duck" fabric and the vinyl Jam series, inspired by summer concerts and music festivals.

See more of our favorites, like the Deep Blue indigo bag and the Green Eye tiger camouflage bags in the gallery below.


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