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Pleasure Principle x Olaf Breuning T-Shirts

"Happy Hands" and "Peeping Pervert," two new artist-designed tees

by Ami Kealoha in Style on 15 March 2010

olafbreuningxpleasureprinciple.jpg olafbreuningxpleasureprinciple1.jpg

The second in a series of artist collaborations for NYC clothing brand Pleasure Principle, these U-neck tops draw on Swiss artist Olaf Breuning's typically playful imagery for a two-piece unisex collection. Breuning's graphics—two hands with faces positioned over the chest and the similarly goofy "Peeping Pervert"—make light of sex and fashion and fit perfectly with the eight-year-old label's "spirit of dissent."

olafbreuningxpleasureprinciple2.jpg olafbreuningxpleasureprinciple4.jpg

Printed on soft white cotton, the tees run $110 a piece from Seven New York.


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