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Patagonia's T-Shirt Campaign: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

by Jacob Resneck
on 05 November 2007

Building on what's developing as a series of products geared toward raised awareness of our ecology, part of the profits from Patagonia's latest tee go to protect the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, a 19 million acre area of Alaska's North Slope, that's long been eyed by the energy industry because of huge oil deposits thought to exist underneath this protected region.

Designed by Northern California-based artist Jason Munn, whose Oakland studio Small Stakes has gained a following in its own right, Patagonia is donating $5 from each sale to the Alaska Wilderness League, a nonprofit committed to protecting the grizzly bear, caribou, wolves and 125 different migratory bird species that conservations fear would be threatened if the land is opened to oil exploration. (Click images for detail.)

Check out the t-shirts (available in white or brown in both men's and women's sizes for $30) and get more information on the campaign from Patagonia.

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