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Ornj Bags

by Brian Fichtner
on 19 February 2008

Have you ever looked at an industrial material and wanted to craft something out of it? For most, the thought doesn’t go much further. For David Shock, who studied fine art and illustration, the idea of making bags out of construction fencing came to mind and took root. While no one can complain about the incremental progress reshaping downtown Detroit, Shock was unnerved by the prevalence of the orange plastic swathing the city and wanted to make something of it. “I was inspired by the material’s vibrant color, malleability, and strength,” he writes. “I first was going to create a simple laundry bag to carry my stuff down the three flights of stairs in my apartment but later realized what a great tote bag it would make for going to the market.”


After spending a great deal of time fine-tuning the design, he came up with three different models and found a sympathetic outlet in the local retail store Design 99. Named Ornj, the bags are priced from $35 to $65, and can be purchased with or without felt inserts. They're available online (without felt) starting at $26 from Motor City Handbags.

Design 99
10022 Joseph Campau Street
Hamtramck, MI map
tel. +1 313 576 6941