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Official Tourist Hoodies

by Ami Kealoha in Style on 09 February 2007


SF Bay Area-based beat-maker and designer Official Tourist's hoodies are a reversible take on the disembodied hoods seen on Jeremy Scott and Herchcovitch runways lately. They come in a variety of pattern pairs—from a more sombre Burberry-esque plaid and stripes to one called "Slow Jams" that features a colorful Navajo-inspired print with polka-dots—and all add instant crazy style to boring outfits. "You'll never get old wearing this and maybe live twice as long because it's reversible," claims the copy for a hoodie with a pattern that looks old-school Stüssy. Official Tourist has advised us to stay tuned for ordering information. We'll let you know when and where the new collection is available.


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