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Nikicio Clothing


Nikicio Clothing

by CH Contributor
on 03 November 2008

by Ezra Natalia


Established in 2006, Nikicio is an Indonesia-based label that infuses humor into traditional menswear-inspired cuts. Creative Director Nina Nikicio's wit shows up in a quirky embroidered dress, quilted bags and a hand-embroidered blanket. Her first collaboration, called Millimeter, with Ginetta Dadia, a young talented accessories designer is also a playful approach to fashion, using colorful hand print-shaped designs.

Nikicio's anti-fashion approach, ignores the dictates of seasons, looks beyond trends and shuns the idea that fashion has to be "cohesive" or "sensible" and the unconventional thinking has paid off. After joining the Studio Prive Spring/Summer 07 collection, most recently Nikicio participated in Singapore Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 08.


Sticking to this more authentic concept, Nikicio is personally attached to each garment and chooses smart fabrics that can be worn a variety of ways. "I want the collection to be personal," she says, "a part of a person's everyday life but we all know that people hide sometimes, and I try to bring them a comfortable place to conceal, take the load off and dress up."

Below are a few more insights from the designer.

Do you think that drawing is an innate talent or you have to learn it?
I am a firm believer that talent is meaningless without any effort and hard work.

What happened to the fashion designs you made when you were kid?
The first thing i made using sewing machine was a handkerchief when i was seven. I don't know what happened to it.


How important is illustration, music and photography to your collection and how much does it influence your work?

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