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New Balance Super Team 33, Elements Collection

by Josh Rubin
on 24 September 2007

The fourth and latest edition of New Balance's quarterly Super Team 33 (ST33) collection, available in three exclusive designs, was designed by the Asia Pacific Team. (The first quarter was U.S.-designed, the second was developed by Japan and the third by the Europe, Middle East, Africa.) The 1400 model serves as the canvas again, this time for a theme inspired by the natural elements (wood, water, earth, metal and fire).

Each design reflects one of the elemental concepts, for example, the "Earth and Wood" version is mostly brown with distinctive tree patterns strewn throughout. "Fire and Metal" features a bold black and red design incorporating metallic embroidery and a silver insole and the "Water" model has a blue and white with a transparent outsole with some small water bubble details.

Extremely limited and keeping in line with the collection's name, like always, the shoes will be sold at only 33 retailers globally and each store will only stock 24 pairs of each style. They will be available for purchase beginning 20 October 2007 for $200.

The list of 33 retailers and a peek at the shoes after the jump.

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