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Neon Shoes

by Phuong-Cac Nguyen in Style on 25 April 2008


Designed from pieces of hand-painted leather, these sexy men's-style dress shoes recently premiered at Neon's winter fashion show and bring action and color to any get-up. The Brazilian label's co-designer Dudu Bertholini has been collecting leftover painted cow skin—some of them rare—from his trips abroad to New York and throughout his home country, at last finding the best use for them.

Because he only had enough material to make one or two pairs of footwear with some of the leathers, these unisex shoes bring the type of limited edition status often more relegated to sneakers. The solid-color versions come in higher quantity, and altogether there are 20 models.


You can find the hand-painted editions at Surface to Air in São Paulo or contact Neon directly to see what they have left in stock.


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