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Done up in a breezy spring colorway, Reebok's Miami Vice Ventilator is a fitting prequel to the warmer months. Timed to run in tandem with New York's fashion week, 150 pairs have been shipped from Japan to New York for an exclusive pre-release of the limited edition sherbert-colored sneaker. (The above photo is a Cool Hunting exclusive.) It will be available for one week only, from 6 February through 12 February, at a temporary shop in Soho (by pop-up experts Vacant), along with four other versions of the reissued Ventilator and Shin Tanaka's paper versions. A runway show on 8 February in the space will launch another limited edition, a mid-calf shoe by clothing designer Rolland Berry that wearers can customize with an included needle and thread.

Miami Vice Ventilator Pop-up store
102 Wooster
Soho, New York

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