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Melbourne Style

A gallery, design studio and boutique dedicated to showing off local goods from Australia's largest city

by Fiona Killackey in Style on 09 August 2010


An effortlessly chic metropolis, Melbourne is fast catching up with its glitzy northern sister Sydney as a hotspot for cutting-edge boutiques, excellent art galleries and quality restaurants. The combined gallery, design studio and shop Melbourne Style is adding to this growing reputation, offering an attractive selection of locally designed goods.


Dedicated to showcasing an array of Melburniana, founders Maree Coote and Lex Ridgeway offer a well-edited collection of products for the native and tourist alike. Spanning beautifully-packaged Melbourne map soaps and charming kangaroo chopstick rests to fashionable silk scarves and beaded baubles, the assortment represents some of the city's finest artists and designers.

Check out more online, where they also offer a range of exclusive items, as well as custom-made goods.


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