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Maharishi Day Shoe

by Josh Rubin in Style on 11 March 2005

Maharishi Dayshoes Inhand

More excitement from Maharishi-- this time in the form of footwear. Their Day Shoe, new for Spring / Summer 05, is a simple canvas kick that features the Maharishi house camo pattern, Bonsai Forest. It's available in yellow, leaf green and woodland green camo patterns. If you're partial to simplicity in footwear colors, it also comes in white canvas or black leather.

£45 (£60 for the leather ones) at either Maharishi store. Details after the jump.

maharishi store
19 Floral Street
Covent Garden, London

+44 (0)20 7836 3860

dpmhi store
2–3 GPS, Great Pulteney Street
Soho, London

+44 (0)871 218 0260


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