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Macha Jewelry

by CH Contributor
on 16 November 2009

by Richard Prime

The two-year-old brand Macha Jewelry marries style, craftsmanship and a sympathetic approach to materials that opts for a rough-hewn look over polish and flash for both men and women.

“It’s about a quiet rebellion, not necessarily beautiful but not without nobility either,” notes Bernice Kelly, the Irish designer behind Macha now based in London. Indeed, each piece seems to grow and develop new connotations each time you look at them.

Her mainline collections feature quality materials, 925 silver, gold plate and gemstones, with attitude and character—like a life-size Crab claw necklace cast in white bronze—central to each design. Kelly’s fine jewelry uses more extravagant materials and designs in 18 karat gold, fine silver, diamonds and precious stones with the aim of creating subtle pieces that grow classically with the passing of time.


The designer also works with clients personally to visualize and create a unique personal bespoke piece. “I encourage each client to become as involved as possible with executing their concepts and, in turn, with the progression of the brand itself as a result of creating their individual pieces,” Kelly says.


It’s this approach that makes for an intriguing brand that not only has a real edge to it but has staying power, thanks to the focus on creating pieces with longevity of narratives rather than flash-in-the-pan frippery.

Pieces sell online from Macha Jewelry. Stockists include Kabiri in London, Incu in Sydney, Envoy of Belfast in Northern Ireland and Clash in Hong Kong.

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