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Brooklyn's new boutique and workshop devoted to the art of denim

by Ami Kealoha in Style on 12 August 2010


From the obsessive mind of Loren Cronk—one of denim's more vintage-inspired fans—comes Loren, a new multi-use temple to his particular take on the perfect jeans. Higher rises and slim cuts characterize the look, tweaking a retro silhouette to make it more modern.


Cronk also has all the tools on hand to sew pairs from scratch, and does dry and wet customization processes, like bleaching, special washes, and a labor-intensive silicone dip, to make beautifully-deconstructed denim.

loren-bowties.jpg loren-guitarstrap.jpg

In addition to the former Levi's and Ralph Lauren designer's own Lips line and a handful of other labels he's behind too, you'll also find collaborations with local brands—ranging from Heavy Leather guitar straps to J. Cravata bowties.

via The Moment


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