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Little Zero T-Shirts

by Wendy Dembo
on 21 May 2008

Steve MacDonald aka Steve Mac aka ramblinworker is one of my favorite artists, so I wasn't surprised to hear that the band Modest Mouse had asked to use a piece of his artwork for a t-shirt design.

Steve asked his friend Matthew Davis, also an S.F.-based artist and skilled web designer, to join him in making shirts. Together the two created a top-selling Modest Mouse tour shirt as well as designs for Puma, DC Shoes and the Bicycle Film Festival, not to mention another Modest Mouse t-shirt.


Recently they decided to come out with a line of their own and Little Zero, a collaboration between MacDonald, Davis and another friend, Tim Clinton came to be. Moving into a realm of over-the-top t-shirt screening, the Summer 2008 line features five designs with up to eight different colors as well as a bold, front and back all-over print.

My favorites are the Alphabet Explosion and Skulls with Rainbow. You know what I’ll be wearing this summer. (Above right images courtesy of

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