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Laura Lobdell Boutique

by Wendy Dembo
on 09 December 2008

Good things come in small packages, so great things must come from what has to be the smallest store in NYC, Laura Lobdell's jewelry store in the West Village, which opened last week. I'm a longtime fan of her found object-based designs and with the store's large assortment of playful and quotidian jewelry makes it easy to find the right gift for anyone.

Perfect for bon vivants to wear on New Year’s Eve, the Champagne Ring is sculpted from a genuine champagne cage (available in silver or special order gold). Depending on what the man in your life is like, you can either get him a cast silver guitar pick or a smashed silver beer cap. And ladies love the "Get Lucky Collection," made from antique Cracker Jack prizes. There’s the Lucky Horseshoe, Lucky Seven and, instead of just an unlucky rabbit's foot, a whole Lucky Bunny conceived as necklaces, bangles and earrings.


For dads there are Nut and Bolt Cufflinks and grandmothers will proudly wear the Macaroni necklace—just like the one you gave her in gradeschool, but cast in solid silver or gold from a real noodle and a fine chain replaces the yarn. A popcorn necklace works for the movie or snack fanatic and a silver match stick honors your last smoking friend or pyromaniac.

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