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KEEN Garage

The Portland brand opens a sustainably renovated, interactive space downtown

by Adrienne So in Style on 02 January 2013


Continuing their commitment to conservation and sustainability, the KEEN Garage in downtown Portland, Oregon reopened after a 10-month renovation of a 105-year-old building that generated less than one dumpster of waste. Incorporating many salvaged elements from the former space opened in 2010, the new Garage presents a playful and convivial new environment.


On the first floor KEEN shoes, bags and socks are showcased in displays made from recovered scaffolding, alongside an expansive lounge area in which employees, non-profits and other members of the community can meet to discuss new plans or play a game of basketball or tetherball.

When stock runs low on the main level, employees climb up to the mezzanine and send shoeboxes whizzing down a chute. Pulley systems move shoe racks and swing socked feet back and forth.

Thumbnail image for Keen-Garage-3.jpg

With an exciting array of interactive features hidden around every corner, the KEEN Garage lures in customers of all ages. Check out the new space at 505 NW 13th Street, Portland, Oregon.

Images by Adrienne So


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