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Kaight Eco-Boutique

by Ami Kealoha in Style on 27 April 2007


When Kaight owner Kate McGregor initially envisioned an eco-friendly boutique, she saw it in L.A. where the green movement had seriously taken root. Thankfully, she decided that a fair-trade boutique in New York would be a little more interesting. Now, the lofty space offers something for conscientious and discerning shoppers alike. A worktable finds organic cotton jeans from Loomstate piled next to beachy glass cases framing one-of-a-kind jewelry crafted from found antiques by Jami Rodriguez. Other standouts include Linda Loudermilk dresses and KRELwear knits made from mill-end (scrap) yarn especially for Kaight. McGregor is quick to point out that Kaight is about eco-fashion with an emphasis on the fashion part. "If a designer is making an effort at environmental design, or has it in their mission statement, then that's what matters."

by Laurel Pinson


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